the national + ramona falls @ wiltern – 5.21.10


the national @ wiltern - 5.21.10

after the shout out louds, the very next evening the national launched their “high violet” tour at los angeles cathedral (AKA the wiltern.) with two sold-out shows, i was lucky enough to experience the very first night, baring witness to the most tragic, tortured screaming i have ever heard come from the national’s frontman, matt berninger.

it was my third time seeing the national live, and the typically intense berninger has never shown so much charisma, passion, and dare i say recklessness (?) on stage. maybe he’s still riding the euphoria of the newly released album, “high violet,” which single-handedly propelled the band into the mainstream. while i’m sad that the national is no longer the secret i share with only my closet friends, i do think it’s remarkable that the rest of the world can feel and relate to the emotion harnessed on “high violet.” music just doesn’t get much better than what i witnessed on friday night at the wiltern. there’s a better show review over on buzzbands, and lots more photos too. PHOTO LINK!


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