sunset junction – august 21-22, 2010


edward sharpe @ sunset junction 2010

marie, my music partner in crime, came to town for sunset junction and we witnessed the best neighborhood music festival to date. so much fun… i could not have asked for a better weekend or a better festival – right out my front door. really, does life get any better?! for me? no, no, never. PHOTO LINK DAY 1! and PHOTO LINK DAY 2!

buzzbands coverage:

day one slideshow and review

day two slideshow and review


cotton jones + the parson red heads @ the echo – 8.17.10


cotton jones + the parson red heads @ the echo - 8.17.10

i almost didn’t make it to this show, but in a last-minute moment of weakness, i did. it turned out to be one of those nights that i will never forget. cotton jones was on fire. on fire! and their cds made their way back into continual rotation after so many months of being on hiatus from my OCD play mode. “i heard it in the toilet bowl” has never been sung more sweetly. PHOTO LINK!

my morning jacket + avi buffalo @ the greek – 8.12.10


my morning jacket @ the greek - 8.12.10

here’s another one to chalk up to queen of slack. i saw an epic my morning jacket show at the greek last month, and i am just now posting photos over a month later. where is my mind? a good review and slide show were up HERE ages ago, however, so i don’t feel so bad. PHOTO LINK!

empire of the sun @ the fonda – 8.11.10


empire of the sun @ the fonda - 8.11.10

the empire of the sun show at the fonda in august was the catalyst for what would be a nearly two-month run of shows and travel that kept me from updating my photo blog. before my updating demise, however, i wrote a review about this show over on BUZZBANDS. go read how disappointed i was. PHOTO LINK!

july 2010 REWIND – lots of updates!


gram rabbit @ troubadour - 7.21.10
gram rabbit + useless keys @ the troubadour – 7.21.10

delta spirit @ rainbow harbor - 7.31.10
delta spirit + the fling @ rainbow harbor – 7.31.10

nathaniel rateliff @ the echo - 7.29.10
nathaniel rateliff @ the echo – 7.29.10

pearly gate music @ the echo - 7.29.10
pearly gate music @ the echo – 7.29.10

july 2010 was a truly memorable month for live music in california. so many good shows every single night of the week! an embarrassment of riches has been bestowed upon this great state, and with so much to do, it’s hard to know what to do. it’s a good problem to have though, and it keeps me on my toes 24/7.

a highlight for me was seeing one of my favorite denver bands, nathaniel rateliff, at the echo. while i have seen this band in various formations over the years, and loved every moment from the very beginning, rateliff’s live performance has reached a new level of finely tuned intimacy, one that quietly commands a room with lyrics that cut and melodies that make the heart melt.

also i like to rock @ the hammer museum – voxhaul broadcast + chasing kings + ferraby lionheart – 7.22.10


ferraby lionheart @ hammer museum - 7.22.10

the also i like to rock shows came to a close a few weeks ago, and suddenly it feels weird to have my thursday nights free again. i got used to hanging at the hammer, seeing great bands, and lounging in the most picturesque courtyard on the westside. but alas, all good things come to an end. at least i have photo memories. PHOTO LINK!