nathaniel rateliff and the wheel @ silverlake lounge – 6.23.09


nathaniel rateliff and the wheel @ silverlake lounge - 6.23.09

denver’s nathaniel rateliff and the wheel came through LA on tuesday night and left us all breathless at the silverlake lounge. so lovely to see familiar faces, and hear stunning new sounds from a solid, solid line-up of denver’s finest musicians. read about it on and see more photos on flickr.


local natives @ spaceland – 6.22.09


 local natives @ spaceland - 6.22.09

i hate to say it, but i’ve seen my fair-share of disappointing local shows during my 5-month stint here in LA. this city has so much hype coursing through it’s veins, it seems impossible that things that suck can actually have an audience here. but like everywhere on this grand planet, the bar is constantly lowered.

the bright-side of this reality is that when something is good, it’s REALLY, REALLY good. such was the case on monday night at spaceland when i witnessed the splendor of local natives. another silver lake gem, i do believe local natives are poised to command serious audience attention. in a big way.

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art brut @ the echo – 6.19.09


art brut @ the echo - 6.19.09

art brut played four nights in a row in LA last week. quite ambitious, i must say. three nights at spaceland, with the closer at the echo.

while i didn’t catch the first three nights, the final show on friday was definitely fun.

art brut is always fun.

having seen art brut a few times before, i knew what to expect… clever lyrics, giddy crowd, charming english boys with dead sexy accents dancing about on stage. yum.

then we ended the night with crazy dancing. and i don’t dance.

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buzz bands @ echoplex – 6.15.09


magic mirror @ echoplex - 6.15.09

kevin bronson’s buzz bands show at the echoplex was an interesting adventure. four bands on the bill… i caught amusement parks on fire, the lassie foundation and magic mirror. i’m glad i stuck around for magic mirror (pictured above). definitely my favorite band of the night. i can’t help but think the lead singer looks like kevin bacon???

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constantines @ the echo – 6.10.09


constantines @ the echo - 6.10.09

the constantines recorded material does not even compare to their live show. such a fantastic night. definitely in my top 10 for 2009! 

and the first time in ages that i’ve gone to a show that was not sold out. where were you LA? you sooooo missed out.

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photos for LA weekly at the playboy mansion!


last week i shot for LA weekly at the playboy mansion.

click on the bunny tail to link to the article and photos!

dandy warhols played. hef lounged with his twins. and i met some surprisingly cool people. 

my dad is officially jealous.