editors + antlers @ the wiltern – 2.11.10


editors @ wiltern - 2.11.10

when you are addicted to live music like i am, taking a break from going to shows and music festivals (like SXSW, for example) kinda messes with your head. on one hand, you really miss seeing live music ALL THE TIME, but on the other hand, you don’t miss the crowds, the drama of photo pass access, and of course, the occasional disappointing show.

last night at the wiltern for the editors show, i was harshly reminded why i have been on hiatus from shooting live music. no photo pit, shooting far away on a “handicap” ramp, and yes, a truly underwhelming show loaded with too much synth and not enough vocals and guitar. and dare i mention the painfully abbreviated version of “bones” that succinctly edited out all my favorite parts, including the epic ending? huh? really?

save for the last 15-minutes of the encore, i would have walked away with a complete bitter taste in my mouth. but those last few songs… damn. editors kinda redeemed themselves. insanely energetic renditions of “munich,” “papillon” and “fingers in the factories” actually inspired me to buy the very LAST T-SHIRT in the whole place, even though the show overall did not warrant my souvenir purchase.

easing my way back into this whole photo thing, i gotta keep reminding myself: “it breaks if you don’t try…”

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digging through the archives: nov. 2009 – feb. 2010


the big pink @ el rey - 11.18.09

the last time that i updated this blog was just about three months ago. where i have been?! between traveling tons, the holidays, and taking a break from shooting live music, i have managed to greatly neglect all of my blogs, and even my website.

well, the hiatus is officially over, as i am relaunching my website this weekend, and bringing my blogs up to speed.

right after the cribs show for SPIN, i caught the big pink (photo featured above). more of my photos and a review over on buzzbands.

where else have i been….?

AM @ hotel cafe - 12.8.09

AM at hotel cafe – one of the few shows i went to before the holidays. it was lovely, complete with a charlie brown christmas tune.
more photos on flickr.

spirit animal @ spaceland - 12.13.09

my last show before christmas was the buzzbands holiday party at spaceland – solid lineup. spirit animal (on the phone) featured above.
photo gallery here.

atlas sound @ natural history museum - 1.8.10

then i pulled double-duty in early january and caught atlas sound at the natural history museum, and shot a nice little gallery here, followed by everybody was in the french resistance now at the echo.

everybody was in the french resistance now @ echo - 1.8.10

art brut? not quite, but close. it’s eddie argos’ side project with his girly from the blood arm. more photos here.

i think i’m all caught-up now. time to begin again…