devendra banhart @ space 15 twenty – 7.18.09


devendra banhart @ space 15 twenty - 7.18.09

devendra banhart… FOUND at space 15 twenty on saturday night.

read my review and see all the photos on buzz bands!


death cab for cutie + tegan & sara + the new pornographers @ hollywood bowl – 7.5.09


hollywood bowl - 7.5.09

death cab for cutie played the hollywood bowl last night. great review and some of my photos over on buzz bands.

it was one of those interesting nights where i didn’t quite know what to feel. maybe it was because i was packing a monster lens and too preoccupied to be a good listener. whatever the case, i loved hearing “cath” live. for me, it’s one of the most tragic songs ever.

and probably my biggest fear.

Cath, she stands
With a well intentioned man
But she can’t relax
With his hand on the small of her back
And as the flash bulbs burst
She holds a smile
Like someone would hold
A crying child

And soon everybody will ask
What became of you
‘Cause your heart was dying fast
And you didn’t know what to do

Cath, it seems
That you live in someone else’s dream
In a hand-me-down wedding dress
With the things that could’ve been
All repressed

But you said your vows
And you closed the door
On so many men
Who would have loved you more

And soon everybody will ask
What became of you
‘Cause your heart was dying fast
And you didn’t know what to do

The whispers that it won’t last
Run up and down the pews
But if their hearts were dying that fast
They’d have done the same as you

And I’d have done the same as you

the rouge @ spaceland – 7.2.09


the rouge @ spaceland - 7.2.09

i spent a lot of time with the rouge this week. shot their music video stills on tuesday, then caught their show at spaceland on thurs.

knowing virtually nothing about these boys from denver before i met them, i can honestly say that i am a believer in the music they are making. one of those “better live than recorded” experiences, the band is loaded with charisma and energy on stage.

while i’m still working on the music video stills, i am thrilled with what i’ve seen so far. we shot in a crazy gigantic warehouse space below dodger stadium, complete with post-game fireworks overhead.

if i could shoot music video stills for an actual living, i’m pretty sure i would be the happiest girl on the planet.

see more photos on flickr

ed harcourt + the langley sisters @ bordello – 6.29.09


ed harcourt @ bordello - 6.29.09

i journeyed to bordello on monday night to catch ed harcourt and the langely sisters. very cool venue, however, ed harcourt was not feeling too stellar. and it showed. “i ate bad crab” he announced early-on in the set, which was the beginning of a start-stop-start again night of half-played songs and audience frustration. even though the show was a bit of a train wreck to follow, harcourt’s voice and song writing were so beautiful, it almost didn’t matter. well, almost. 

see more photos on flickr

telekinesis @ echoplex – 6.27.09


telekinesis @ echoplex - 6.27.09

telekinesis from seattle dominated my new music radar last week.

mix tape song + live kcrw set = i am a new fan

on saturday i made it to their early show at echoplex just in the nick of time. 

go read about it on and see photos on flickr.