the cribs @ the roxy – 11.9.09


the cribs @ the roxy - 11.9.09

shot back-to-back shows for SPIN this week/weekend. check out the cribs at the roxy last night on!

their new release “ignore the ignorant” is seriously solid, and the standout song “city of bugs” is sonic youth meets cursive in johnny marr guitar heaven.

sooooo in my top 10 for 2009.


julian casablancas @ palace theatre – 11.6.09


julian casablancas @ palace theatre - 11.6.09

the strokes and devendra banhart all showed up for the julian casablancas residency on friday night at the historic palace theatre in downtown LA.

i got to shoot opening night for SPIN. go see!!!

great visuals. super loud night. um, advil?

vampire weekend @ madame wong’s – 10.31.09 (halloween!)


vampire weekend @ madame wong's - 10.31.09

madame wong’s was the place for secret shows last weekend. first, devendra banhart on thursday, then vampire weekend – on vampire weekend.

review over on buzzbands.

more photos on flickr.

devendra banhart cd release @ madame wong’s – 10.29.09


devendra banhart cd release @ madame wong's - 10.29.09

october has been a big month for me and my devendra banhart crush… my photos from his space 1520 show were in PRINT in the oct. 2009 issue of filter, and then i caught his cd release show at the historic madame wong’s in chinatown on thursday.

lucky me. lucky me. and i so know it. while i rarely feel star-stuck, there are a few exceptions, and devendra is one of ’em.

i melted when he played “carmencita,” and “16th & valencia roxy music” off his new release is definitely in my top 10 for 2009.

now he’s off to europe for the rest of the year. big sigh.

photos and review over on buzzbands, and way too many pix on flickr.