clem snide + heligoats @ spaceland – 5.22.10


clem snide @ spaceland - 5.23.10

i pulled double-duty last saturday night at the clem snide show at spaceland. not only did i shoot photos, i also wrote a little review for buzzbands. and then i did something really stupid – i got all geeked-out after the show and proceeded to tell clem snide frontman eef barzelay how great he is. ugh. note to self: stay behind the lens. go read my REVIEW HERE. PHOTO LINK!


One thought on “clem snide + heligoats @ spaceland – 5.22.10

  1. Hey

    I just wanted to let you guys know I think your’e awesome! Also thought Id let you know Ill be adding you to my S.I.S. Blog Roll. Feel free to check us out and do the same if you like us!

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