the delta spirit @ bootleg theater – 3.10.10


delta spirit @ bootleg - 3.10.10

i don’t typically post soft, artsy shots of bands, but the light was oh so low at the delta spirit show, and my vantage point was oh so terrible, so i really didn’t get much in the way of “documenting” the night. instead, i got a lot of soft b&w images that give a vague impression of the passion that was onstage at the bootleg theater last week. kinda fun night, but i was bitter about my side-stage perch, so my head wasn’t really in it.

while i love delta spirit recorded, i have seen them live a few times now, and i always leave feeling a bit disappointed. i am evidently in the minority on this, however, so maybe it’s just me? jury is still out on this one… PHOTO LINK!


the clientele + the wooden birds @ spaceland – 3.13.10


the clientele @ spaceland - 3.13.10

(i can’t seem) to make you mine by the clientele (pictured above) is a song that takes me back to my childhood when my parents played chad & jeremy records endlessly, a time when summer sun and long afternoons under the maple shade trees in the backyard made time stand still. flash forward to early march at spaceland, and that same summer sound warmed me once again in the packed silence of a dark music club.

the wooden birds @ spaceland - 3.13.10

the wooden birds (above) from austin, tx, opened the show, and to my surprise, matt pond PA is in this band! seriously?! i became an INSTANT fan, record and t-shirt in hand by the end of the night. i wish that i could hit rewind and play the magic of the evening all over again. but instead, all i have are PHOTOS (go see).

more digging through the archives – feb. + mar. 2010


fitz & the tantrums @ echo - 2.12.10

too much work + too much play = me not posting photos in a timely fashion

while i have been shooting tons and seeing several memorable shows, i have failed miserably in keeping track of what i’m doing on this blog. the photo above of fitz & the tantrums kicked off an incredible run of live music for me in mid-february. i saw fitz two fridays in a row at the echo – both shows were packed and SO ALIVE. this band has quickly propelled its way into my top 5 in LA right now. PHOTO LINK!

everest @ natural history museum - 3.5.10

then i hit up the natural history museum for their first friday series featuring everest and deer tick on march 5. i am really loving the new everest album, and seeing them live in the hall of mammals was fun. good little review over on buzzbandsPHOTO LINK!

shadow shadow shade @ the echo - 3.5.10

on the same night, i pulled a double-header and caught shadow shadow shade (formerly the afternoons) and the bixby knolls at the echo. while i have seen the afternoons live before, there is something way more magical about shadow shadow shade that makes this band a must-see live. another one for my top 5 in LA right now. PHOTO LINK!

where else have i been lately? hmmmm…. the wooden birds and the clientele at spaceland. photos coming soon, along with delta spirit at the bootleg.

stay tuned…