swayback @ silverlake lounge – 5.24.10


the swayback @ silverlake lounge - 5.25.10

a little slice of denver, co came through town on monday night when the swayback flew in for a special showcase at the silverlake lounge. the four-piece definitely has a lot of fan support in LA, as the crowd was good and dancey, especially when they played “vampires in the mirror,” and long-time favorite “forewarned.” i know i say it again and again, but i love it when denver bands come to LA and play in cool venues in my hood. home sweet home. PHOTO LINK!


silverlake jubilee – tenlons fort + useless keys + death kit @ el cid – 5.23.10


useless keys @ el cid - 5.24.10

wrapping up an insane week of shows all over town, i finally got a chance to stay home and enjoy a music festival conveniently located right in my own backyard. the silverlake jubilee kinda came out of nowhere, only to make a big splash as a first-year neighborhood music festival.

playing on three unique stages, a host of impressive local bands played morning till night. combine that with lots of local merchants selling their creative wares, and the biggest line-up of food trucks that i have ever witnessed, and the silverlake jubilee hit the jackpot with memorable food, entertainment, shopping and fun. i give the first-year event 5 out of 5 stars for cool.

i shot mostly film at the festival, and have yet to get it developed, but i pulled out the digital for a great line-up on sunday night at el cid – death kit, the useless keys and tenlons fort. if you have not heard of these bands yet, you need to. right now. PHOTO LINK!

clem snide + heligoats @ spaceland – 5.22.10


clem snide @ spaceland - 5.23.10

i pulled double-duty last saturday night at the clem snide show at spaceland. not only did i shoot photos, i also wrote a little review for buzzbands. and then i did something really stupid – i got all geeked-out after the show and proceeded to tell clem snide frontman eef barzelay how great he is. ugh. note to self: stay behind the lens. go read my REVIEW HERE. PHOTO LINK!

the national + ramona falls @ wiltern – 5.21.10


the national @ wiltern - 5.21.10

after the shout out louds, the very next evening the national launched their “high violet” tour at los angeles cathedral (AKA the wiltern.) with two sold-out shows, i was lucky enough to experience the very first night, baring witness to the most tragic, tortured screaming i have ever heard come from the national’s frontman, matt berninger.

it was my third time seeing the national live, and the typically intense berninger has never shown so much charisma, passion, and dare i say recklessness (?) on stage. maybe he’s still riding the euphoria of the newly released album, “high violet,” which single-handedly propelled the band into the mainstream. while i’m sad that the national is no longer the secret i share with only my closet friends, i do think it’s remarkable that the rest of the world can feel and relate to the emotion harnessed on “high violet.” music just doesn’t get much better than what i witnessed on friday night at the wiltern. there’s a better show review over on buzzbands, and lots more photos too. PHOTO LINK!

shout out louds + freelance whales @ el rey – 5.20.10


shout out louds @ el rey - 5.20.10

my epic weekend of music kicked-off last thursday with the shout out louds‘ sold out show at the el rey on 5.20.10. i am such a huge fan of this charmingly hot swedish band. seriously well-rehearsed, the show was dead perfect, though they did not play my all-time favorite song “hard rain.” next time, next time. their new album “work” translates surprisingly well in a live, energetic swirl of fog and lights. i shot the show for buzzbands, go read the review. PHOTO LINK!

jack ladder + dimmer + war tapes @ silverlake lounge – 5.4.10


war tapes @ silverlake lounge  - 5.4.10

i have not been to the silverlake lounge for their FREE monday night residency lately. my return was well-timed, as it was a provocative line-up for the inaugural launch of mondays in may. it was a LOUD evening for sure with jack ladder, dimmer and war tapes. i shall return later in the month for the swayback when they play monday, may 24. you need to come!!! PHOTO LINK!

avi buffalo @ the troubadour – 5.1.10


avi buffalo @ troubadour - 5.1.10

in an odd twist of fate, i’ve never actually seen long beach band avi buffalo live until last night at their cd release show at the troubadour. so much hype, recommendation, and promise surround this young band… i’ll admit, i’ve always been a bit skeptical. the few songs i’ve heard on the radio are ok. they’re good. but live, these kids can hold a room transfixed. fresh out of high school, lead singer avigdor zahner-isenberg already plays guitar like a legend, and he’s mesmerizing to watch. it really was an exceptional night of music, and likely the first and last time i will see avi buffalo in an intimate venue like the troubadour, as this sub pop band is touring with the likes of modest mouse and blitzen trapper this summer. things are no doubt gonna get huge in the coming months. PHOTO LINK!