july 2010 REWIND – lots of updates!


gram rabbit @ troubadour - 7.21.10
gram rabbit + useless keys @ the troubadour – 7.21.10

delta spirit @ rainbow harbor - 7.31.10
delta spirit + the fling @ rainbow harbor – 7.31.10

nathaniel rateliff @ the echo - 7.29.10
nathaniel rateliff @ the echo – 7.29.10

pearly gate music @ the echo - 7.29.10
pearly gate music @ the echo – 7.29.10

july 2010 was a truly memorable month for live music in california. so many good shows every single night of the week! an embarrassment of riches has been bestowed upon this great state, and with so much to do, it’s hard to know what to do. it’s a good problem to have though, and it keeps me on my toes 24/7.

a highlight for me was seeing one of my favorite denver bands, nathaniel rateliff, at the echo. while i have seen this band in various formations over the years, and loved every moment from the very beginning, rateliff’s live performance has reached a new level of finely tuned intimacy, one that quietly commands a room with lyrics that cut and melodies that make the heart melt.


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