where have i been?! late 2010 to march 2011…


the duke spirit_roxy_12.30.10_10.jpg

in an effort to focus less on live music and more on portraiture, i promised myself that i would stop all the blogging and live show photos, and concentrate more on intimate photo session with musicians, people, kids, and pets. but without the blog to help me “chronicle” where i’ve been, i am at a loss as to WHERE I HAVE BEEN. i found out the hard way that i actually NEED this space to help me document what i do.

thus, i plan to continue to update this blog for my personal projects – my footprints in the sand, so to speak. it may include music, portraits, life, etc.

and so it unfolds…

the ABOVE photo was from my last live show of 2010 – the duke spirit with crash kings @ the roxy. such a great “last show” of the decade. and i even got to hang in the dj booth. review and gallery on BUZZBANDS.LA and PHOTO LINK!

little dragon @ LA county museum - 1.7.11

little dragon and sister crayon kicked off the 2011 season at the LA county museum on 1.7.11. review on BUZZBANDS.LAPHOTO LINK!

lord huron @ the auntry museum - 1.20.11

then abe vigoda, lord huron (pictured above,) and gamble house took over the autry museum on 1.20.11. review on BUZZBANDS.LA + PHOTO LINK!

jake bellows @ lot 1 cafe - 2.9.11

lot 1 cafe in echo park now features live music, and buzzbands.la is doing a monthly showcase on the second tuesday of each month. daniel ahearn, judson mckinney (of judson and mary), and jake bellows (above) played the inagural show. it was gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. BUZZBANDS.LA gallery + PHOTO LINK!

soft swell @ the satellite - 2.9.11

army navy, a house for lions, sing the body electric, and soft swells (above) played the buzzbands showcase at the satellite (formerly spaceland) on 2.9.11. again, another solid line-up of LA bands to know. BUZZBANDS.LA gallery + PHOTO LINK!


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