the smashing pumpkins @ the viper room – 6.30.10


smashing pumpkins @ the viper room - 6.30.10

something that will probably never happen to me again in my lifetime: seeing the smashing pumpkins play an intimate show of “hits” at the viper room in hollywood alongside 250 super fans. it happened last week, and i’m happy to say that i survived the heat and unbearably tight quarters.

i’ve had the opportunity to see billy corgan play live a few times since moving to LA last year. it’s interesting, as i have never been a super fan myself, but i’ve read enough articles about him to feel like i know him in some odd way (which is really strange.) i find him very intriguing, and i do like to watch his mood erratically fluctuate when he plays live. maybe that’s why the photo above resonated with me so much – there’s a lot of emotion in everything billy corgan does, and you can see it, hear it, and feel it the minute he takes the stage. PHOTO LINK!


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