silverlake jubilee – tenlons fort + useless keys + death kit @ el cid – 5.23.10


useless keys @ el cid - 5.24.10

wrapping up an insane week of shows all over town, i finally got a chance to stay home and enjoy a music festival conveniently located right in my own backyard. the silverlake jubilee kinda came out of nowhere, only to make a big splash as a first-year neighborhood music festival.

playing on three unique stages, a host of impressive local bands played morning till night. combine that with lots of local merchants selling their creative wares, and the biggest line-up of food trucks that i have ever witnessed, and the silverlake jubilee hit the jackpot with memorable food, entertainment, shopping and fun. i give the first-year event 5 out of 5 stars for cool.

i shot mostly film at the festival, and have yet to get it developed, but i pulled out the digital for a great line-up on sunday night at el cid – death kit, the useless keys and tenlons fort. if you have not heard of these bands yet, you need to. right now. PHOTO LINK!


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