avi buffalo @ the troubadour – 5.1.10


avi buffalo @ troubadour - 5.1.10

in an odd twist of fate, i’ve never actually seen long beach band avi buffalo live until last night at their cd release show at the troubadour. so much hype, recommendation, and promise surround this young band… i’ll admit, i’ve always been a bit skeptical. the few songs i’ve heard on the radio are ok. they’re good. but live, these kids can hold a room transfixed. fresh out of high school, lead singer avigdor zahner-isenberg already plays guitar like a legend, and he’s mesmerizing to watch. it really was an exceptional night of music, and likely the first and last time i will see avi buffalo in an intimate venue like the troubadour, as this sub pop band is touring with the likes of modest mouse and blitzen trapper this summer. things are no doubt gonna get huge in the coming months. PHOTO LINK!


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