my helen stellar addiction @ spaceland – 4.19.10 & 4.26.10


helen stellar @ spaceland - 4.19.10

massive band crush alert: helen stellar

no words can describe how fucking great the last two mondays of april were during the helen stellar residency at spaceland. this band has easily climbed into my top 5 list of BEST BANDS IN LA right how. i shot digital the first week (photo above) and PHOTO LINK!

helen stellar @ spaceland - 4.26.10

then i went back and shot film the second week (photo above.) this was my first live show using a film camera, and the lighting at spaceland is notoriously horrible, so i am pretty excited to have ANYTHING to show online. PHOTO LINK!

helen stellar also played a gorgeous cover of lindsey buckingham’s “trouble” that is so beyond radio-worthy, they NEED to record it ASAP and let my parents experience the past in the present.


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