the delta spirit @ bootleg theater – 3.10.10


delta spirit @ bootleg - 3.10.10

i don’t typically post soft, artsy shots of bands, but the light was oh so low at the delta spirit show, and my vantage point was oh so terrible, so i really didn’t get much in the way of “documenting” the night. instead, i got a lot of soft b&w images that give a vague impression of the passion that was onstage at the bootleg theater last week. kinda fun night, but i was bitter about my side-stage perch, so my head wasn’t really in it.

while i love delta spirit recorded, i have seen them live a few times now, and i always leave feeling a bit disappointed. i am evidently in the minority on this, however, so maybe it’s just me? jury is still out on this one… PHOTO LINK!


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