the clientele + the wooden birds @ spaceland – 3.13.10


the clientele @ spaceland - 3.13.10

(i can’t seem) to make you mine by the clientele (pictured above) is a song that takes me back to my childhood when my parents played chad & jeremy records endlessly, a time when summer sun and long afternoons under the maple shade trees in the backyard made time stand still. flash forward to early march at spaceland, and that same summer sound warmed me once again in the packed silence of a dark music club.

the wooden birds @ spaceland - 3.13.10

the wooden birds (above) from austin, tx, opened the show, and to my surprise, matt pond PA is in this band! seriously?! i became an INSTANT fan, record and t-shirt in hand by the end of the night. i wish that i could hit rewind and play the magic of the evening all over again. but instead, all i have are PHOTOS (go see).


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