spleen united + death kit @ bootleg theater – 10.16.09


spleen united @ bootleg theater - 10.16.09

i really didn’t feel like going out at all last night. especially to a late show. but i rallied and fortune shined upon me. caught denmark’s spleen united (photo above) and LA’s death kit at the bootleg theater. this is the second time that i’ve been to the bootleg, and between the cozy back deck and the surprisingly good bands on stage, it’s quickly becoming my favorite under the radar gem.

save for the sparsely lit stage. again, had to whip out the flash. what’s up with all the super dark shows this week???? (see harper simon post below.)

while i didn’t know much about either band upon going to the show, i left adoring them both. electro dance rock that makes you bounce. go play speen united’s “suburbia” right now on myspace. so good. and apparently death kit, a shiny new 3-piece, has only played out twice so far. wow. wow. wow.

damn good night.

more photos on flickr.


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