jack penate + miike snow @ echoplex – 10.4.09


jack penate @ echoplex - 10.4.09

i admit, i’ve been a bit obsessed with jack penate (pictured above) for several months now. i’ve played his new cd INTO THE GROUND, as it has become the anthem of my summer in LA. maybe that’s why i was a little disappointed in his live show last night at echoplex. while he was soooo fun to watch live, he sounded quite different from the “recorded version” ingrained in my head. is it possible to know an album too well? maybe so.

then headliner miike snow took the stage and knocked out a dead-on rendition of their new album that was nothing short of pristine. hearing “silvia” live was beyond epic. (woke up with it still in my head this morning.) not so great stage chemistry though. and zero engagement with the audience.

odd seeing two bands like this play back-to-back. any way to marry miike snow’s precision with jack penate’s energy and stage charisma? or have i just dreamed up the perfect band?

a different take on the show exists over on buzz bands, along with my photos.

and more photos on flickr too.


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