sunset junction music fest – 8.22 & 8.23 2009


conor oberst @ sunset junction 2009

while the sunset junction music festival was in late august, i’m just now getting around to posting images. maybe it’s because the whole weekend was bitter-sweet for me. bitter because i couldn’t get my FREE resident pass since i missed the pass pick-up date due to my trip to colorado. THEN i got the run-around trying to pick-up my media pass.

once the drama subsided, the festival itself turned out to be an adventure in heat endurance and fighting my way up to the stage to shoot photos. the main stage turned out to be the most fun, complete with the best bands and a photo pit. yay.

and, really, how can i complain when bands like conor oberst and the mytic valley band, local natives, and nortec collective are playing less than a block away from my house?!

will the festival happen again next year? no idea. but at least i got to experience it once.

more photos on flickr.


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