billy corgan @ open books long beach – 8.28.09


billy corgan @ open books longbeach - 8.29.09

i scored a last-minute gig shooting the billy corgan show for

it was a long, hot evening… he played a 17-song set at open bookstore in long beach on a scorching summer night. while i have never been a big smashing pumpkins fan, billy’s new material and all-star band, spirits in the sky, made me hang onto my spot up front even though i was dripping in sweat and dying for a gallon of water. 

spirits in the sky includes the likes of rocker dave navarro and linda strawberry amongst many other famous faces – linda being the best dressed girl ever. (i soooo wanted her yellow dress.)

read the review and see photos on spin.

MORE photos on flickr.


2 thoughts on “billy corgan @ open books long beach – 8.28.09

  1. Wow. I’ve followed Dave Navarro on twitter for awhile now -mostly because he updates consistently and has a kind of interesting life. Yesterday (day before? I lost track of that today yesterday tomorrow thing years ago -or was it last year?) he posted a number of pix going to this show. The world is spinning smaller and smaller. Looks like you are destined to sit by me on the bus. yay!
    sending love and aloha. Come stay a while when you can. You know we always have room here for you. Love -auntie tori

  2. haha -speaking of the world spinning smaller… googled Sky Saxon -he played occasionally with Ya Ho Wa 13 -the musical effusion of that cult/group the Source, which groomed/sparkled David when he was a young hippie in Lanikai, whose “flying spirit” was coveted by their leader, Ya Ho Wa. David was happy to abide the supplications of the young females (sent to him daily by their “Father”), but declined to lend his “flying spirit” to Yahowa. Alas, it all ended badly -at least for Yahowa, as he decided he would fly, spirit or no. He flew. For a little while.

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